Monday, December 1, 2008


Some praise for a few local tv stations from a die hard fan.

"Hi Martine,
I just wanted to know if I'm seeing right, but is that a new set CNC3 is sporting or is it the same green screen with some animations added? New set or not, it really looks nice, it is about time you changed the background of that set so kudos on that. Also kudos on the sidebar next to the anchors, it looks quite lovely.

"TV6, though being CNC3's mentor in certain areas, could learn a bit from their competing interest and I do mean competing interest literally because has anyone noticed that CNC3's cast mainly comprises of TV6's ex employees? TV6 please, I resound the call for co-anchoring and also please take into consideration the idea of putting up a sidebar or you can use the graphics usually shown on the plasma screen during the News @ Noon on 6! I must admit that I am a die hard TV6 viewer and I love the new blood TV6 has running through its veins since the unfortunate exodus of staff to CNC3 in 2005 but all things happen for good, right?

"Samantha in my opinion gives Shelly Dass a run for her money and she has a lovely personality. Joel Villafana adds emphasis into his reading and Damian Salandy in my opinion is my favorite weather guy. Gerard Lampow though a bit stiff performs well and so does Fabien Pierre who I see as a reporter who would go all the way just to bring the news to us, the viewers. Diane Baldeo with her melodious voice and beaming smile is a veteran in the industry, her performance is just spectacular. I really wish Francesca would fly the coup and join her former co-anchor Dominic Kallipersad to give us a taste of the old days back in 1995 when they both co-anchored the newscast. Dominic adds credibility to the TV6 newsroom with many years of experience under his belt.

"Though still fairly new to the media, TV6's team of reporters fill us in everyday on everything we need to know on the day's happenings. And their exclusives and special reports, brings them to the TOP and above the rest, it makes their newscast unique and sets them apart from the rest. Yes CNC3 and C have been doing an excellent job, I agree with that fact but CCN TV6 truly stands out.
The new set just made my night when I first saw it, TV6 you forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope to see some of CNC3's staff crossing floors in the future to become part of a dynamic and vibrant news team. It really would look cool to see Shelly Dass and Samantha John anchoring together on the same set, so again please TV6, your new set sports a larger news desk, two more anchors can fit I'm sure.
So please TV6, take heed to the calls for improvement to your newscast from a mere viewer. Thank you.

"Now I would like answers on this burning question, are Shelly Dass and Odeka O'Neil back on the singles market because I have noticed that they are not sporting their marriage names of Clark and Seaton respectively anymore."

"TV6's #1 fan,

Well it seems DR doesn't appreciate the attributes of Gayelle or IETV, since they were not mentioned in this glowing tribute.

We couldn't resist so vote on your favourite local television station (which runs credible news) in our poll.