Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well PH, DR is not very impressed with your comment.

"PH, why is it that you continue to pull me down? As "trini" said everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Come on PH, let us keep this at a professional level and try not to pull each other down in our comments and opinions. It is okay to differ in our views but I would not accept that I am mediocre for I AM NOT. And no I am neither Fabien Pierre nor a doctor but as I said in a previous post that I am currently a full time student at UWI so work out the logistics, (hint, I'm only 19 years old). And I shall not tolerate any kind of comments like that you have directed to me.
If I am in love with TV6, you cannot do anything about it. If you love CNC3, I cannot do anything about that either. So please guys, come on, let us be professional in our comments and not attack each other just because we differ in our views. What do you think Martine?"

"TV6's #1 fan,"
"DR (ie my INITIALS :P)"

Our response: 100% agree.