Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Thanks Onika James of the Newsday for bringing some clarity to the many questions we posed after we read the initial stories on the stabbing incident outside an Arouca bar on Saturday.
"...Kelly-Ann Lucio, the sister of Kerwin Lucio, gave a different version of the events. Two guys came to the bar with two girls who were dressed up real sexy. Two fellas who were liming with my brother began harassing the girls, and one of the guys who they came with got vex, and began to rail up. My brother slapped him.

"“A short while later all of them calm down, and my brother went to get a drink for the same guy who he slapped. When Kerwin was coming out with the two beers he saw one of the men who was with the girls stabbing Al and that is where the thing start. It had nothing to do with no glass on no car hood.”"

But in his story in the Monday Express, Gyasi Gonzales sticks to his original script that the incident was sparked by an errant drink: "Police say the attack was triggered when one of Hospedales's friends placed his drink on a man's car, causing the man to become quite enraged. There was a fight between the car owner and the drinker. Hospedales, along with Patrick Holder, Kerwyn Lucio and Al Edmond, aka Rod Edmond, an ex-murder accused, reportedly tried to cool things down. The enraged motorist, however, drew a knife and stabbed Hospedales, Edmond, Holder and Lucio."