Thursday, December 11, 2008


We managed to catch Express crime reporter Darryl Heeralal dishing on the newest craze in east Trinidad... barbequed pigtail... during TV6's Wednesday night newscast (the story was couched in the Inside Business segment).
Interesting. Darryl we're not quite sure what prompted the move to this softer story line since your forte is usually crime, as evidenced by a quick search on the Express website (although dreadlocked citizens would probably consider it a crime to eat anything associated with pigs).

Well everyone is entitled to try new things, just as we are sure you sampled some of the barbequed pigtail. But a couple of points.
When we heard the first words from you, we thought Samuel McKnight of CNC 3 had switched stations. You sounded exactly like him. Not good, for several reasons and this is one of them.
Overall the story was ok, but we know this is probably your first foray into tv, so here's a pointer: next time, ask the cameraman to get some wider establishing shots of the area, so viewers can have a clearer idea in their heads of the location of your piece. We only saw close up shots of the pigtail sign above the stall, but if your cameraman had given us a wider shot which included the famous Valencia pillars, then we would not have to be guessing when you said at the end of your story that the stall is located east of the pillars. Just give us the shot and you won't have to waste time writing that sentence.

So what's next from you? We hear that there are several new bars and restaurants opening up along Ariapita Avenue. You game?