Thursday, December 11, 2008


We've addressed this issue before, but one of our readers has picked up on it again.

"Take two, or was it CNC3?
On Tuesday night you treated or annoyed your audience with a double take of the same story from Sampson Nanton, I believe it had to do with the Tobago House of Assembly... sigh, why do these things happen? Didn't the mighty engineers see they were doing a double take and bring Wade Mark's response to the story after a few seconds? Why it took them all the way to the end of the story for them to realise it was the same story? And of course no apologies from the girls on set.

"And yes Samantha the former DJ now TV6's main started reading a story on Wednesday night towards the end of the newscast, and the story disappeared from the prompter, but you were not prepared for that, as if it were the first time and you did not expect it ---eh Samantha? Then you waited for the prompter to wake up again and you presented another story and did not apologize for the unfinished story you started. Sigh...why do these things happen? Samantha, you could have ad-libbed an explanation and moved on, and not just move to the next story like that.

"Damn! And Stupes!"