Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here's some praise for Darryl Heeralal's story on the pigtail craze.

"I saw the Pigtail story as well with Darryl Heeralal on TV6, indeed it was a great effort and while I am tempted to say he should stick to writing, I rather urge him to go get voice training and fast. Otherwise he will be CNC3's Samuel McKnight part II. Great effort at a light story though Darryl, I thought it was a bit creative and different.

"By the way, did Samantha John promote that the "light special" was coming up at the end of the news? I do not remember hearing or seeing her do that.

"TV6's Head of News Dominic Kallipersad you used to stick some of your light pieces in the middle of your hard news, sometimes at the end of the first segment of hard news, now you doing like CNC3 and pelting them down to the back when three quarters of the audience is gone.

"What's the point then? I thought you were emulating greats like the BBC that places a light story smack in the middle of their hard news, sometimes at the beginning to either relax the audience with something more positive; or to serve as a cushion for all the negative stories they know the audience will be subjected to."