Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Newsday reported on Wednesday that US actress/singer Queen Latifah's jewelry was stolen from her room at the exclusive Stone Haven Villas in Tobago.
Reporter Nalinee Seelal told us "Queen Latifah, however, returned to her villa at about 12 noon and discovered that her US$10,000 bracelet, two gold rings, a gold chain and a silver ring had gone missing...Investigators...went to the villa and took a statement from Queen Latifah, who said the jewelry had a sentimental value to her and expressed her willingness to offer a reward. The upset star hoped to have her jewelry returned before she leaves Tobago today."

The story is also being quoted from the Newsday on MSNBC's online entertainment page.

But in the 7pm newscast on Wednesday on TV6, we were told that the jewelry actually belongs to a companion of Latifah and not the star herself.
The Thursday Express has that story by Elizabeth Allard: "It was not American actress/singer Queen Latifah who was robbed at the Stone Haven Villas in Black Rock, but a member of her entourage. This was confirmed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (Tobago) Nadhir Khan yesterday. The incident occurred on Sunday but was only realised Monday morning when checks were made."

So which version is correct?

The story is also being reported on the eonline site, but they are also reporting that the jewelry belongs to Latifah's companion: "According to a staff member at the Stone Haven Villas, the posh resort in Black Rock, Tobago, where the 38-year-old Latifah had been staying in a three-bedroom villa with a family member, the items taken did not belong to the Last Holiday star, but to her companion."

Was this a case of the Newsday running with the story before the true facts unfolded? Miss Seelal was probably told that the items were stolen from the star's room, and she assumed that meant they belonged to her.