Thursday, January 1, 2009


Here's the first comment on the new shape of the online Guardian.

"Hey Martine,

"The new look online Guardian is very impressive. Too bad the quality of the paper is still at an all time low.
I hope the good folks over there at the Guardian are not only superficially revamping their image, but also focusing on finally beating the Express or Newsday (i.e. by better journalism). Anyway...seeing as we have this new look, would it even matter if the Guardian has no stories to place on the website?
I just confirmed that Kyle Jeremiah (who covers politics) left the Guardian. That makes what ....100 resignations in one year?

"We have seen by-lines from Carol Matroo, Indarjit Seuraj, Ms Urvashi Tiwarie (think that's her first name), Jada Loutoo, Anthony Milne, Siewdath Persad and even Cordielle Street, also of the Guardian's sister station CNC3. (We won't even go into how many resignations they have had recently).

"Staff retention that so hard? Oh and I haven't been seeing Ms Geisha Kowlessar's name for a while. No one I know can seem to confirm whether she left or not. The Guardian is still lucky to have veterans like Francis Joseph and Gail Alexander on its payroll - they should be able to whip up some copy for the new site.