Monday, January 26, 2009


Mr Pierre, this one's for you.

"Hi Martine:
It's strange you all did not pick this up (maybe not yet) but on Thursday night, in the TV6 regionals section, which was read out by Fabian Pierre, there was a VERY AUDIBLE ERROR (Like he fumbled) and then he actually said "F**K". Loud and on air. The story was pulled immediately, but my cousin called TV6 that night to complain. No one took the call but on Friday, she called again and someone said the matter was being dealt with and the editor was overworked and tired.
But what about Fabian? She was told by her media friend who works at the Express that the bosses sent a general memo, but that type of language in a studio recording, where you know the chances are it will get out, is simply unacceptable.

"I believe he should be pulled off the air for a while at least, because cursing/obscene language is unacceptable on air and he should be properly disciplined."


It's unfortunate that the foul language was played on the air, but was an immediate apology issued by the news presenter once the story was pulled off the air? If not, then that would be the amazing part.
This is how NBC 4's veteran anchor Sue Simmons dealt with a similar faux pas, but hers was live. (Warning: adult language, viewer discretion advised).