Thursday, January 22, 2009


Here's a response to Ken Gordon's comments on the lack of standards in the media.


"I agree with everything Ken Gordon says. He's not saying anything sensible people don't already know. But his decrying the lack of standards in T&T broadcast media is like Bush calling a press conference today to decry weakened civil liberties in the U.S.

"What did Gordon do during his time as CCN head to improve the quality of journalism in T&T? Didn't Gordon oversee for many years a media company whose TV station (TV6) is a culprit of the selfsame lack of standards he now bemoans? I don't think TV6 is any better today than it was when Gordon was in charge.

"Oh, and CCN also owned the Express, whose reporting on any given day under Gordon's watch was as bad as it is today. So I find it strange that all of a sudden he's critical of the "appalling standards" in the media. But such is life, I guess."