Thursday, January 8, 2009


How do you say...?

"Media Watch,

"Is it still the case that people are getting broadcasting jobs in the Trinidad media because "he have a good voice"? Being illiterate does not mean that one has to be a Sampson Nanton or Samuel McKnight or Otto Carrington or some of the other jokers on TV6 (did I hear Sasha Mohammed?) and C (where is dead-pan Curtis Williams?).

"Roshan(uh) Sookram(uh) is a splendid example of these two phenomena. He seems to "have a good voice" and he appears to be functionally illiterate. The word, Mr. Sookram(uh) is ARCHAIC not ARKIK. No one is impressed by the added syllable after every consonant at the end of a word. Former Pointe-a-Pierre Member of Parliament for the United National Congress, Gideon(uh) Hanoomansingh(uh) was the trendsetter with this, followed by Satish Mahabeeerrrr and Tony Frazzzer. Fraser is however an excellent, seasoned journalist who has already made his mark.

"Roshan(uh) has some potential as a reporter and will some day make it as a professional. But he has to drop the bad(uh) habit(uh) and also do a little more reading(uh).
I am sure Mrs. Sant(uh) does not like how her name sounds with the added syllable, especially around Christmas time."

"King Arthur"