Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here's an addition to the discussion.

"Dear "AD" I find it terribly hard to believe that Robert Clarke is in fact Trini"... I believe he used to post as CLJ which he later changed to CJ and was totally in favour of anything Shelly did.

"Those days I remember "Trini" making fun of how Shelly had to referee between Jack Warner and Sports Minister Gary Hunt when she brought them on her "Big Story" programme. CLJ or CJ came in defense of her, and the bloggers of this forum can pull back that exchange if they can find it, to see the comments on that programme.

"If "Trini" is Robert, then he took turns with others at trouncing on his now wife, Shelly Dass Clarke.



Well PW, as we recall, "Trini forever" didn't exactly trounce the then Ms Dass over the interview. Here's what was said: "Oh my God!!! I love it. Shelly Dass is the best. She let them run away enough for good tv...but told them sternly (and funnily) "ok gentlemen, I said ok..hold on!!) Jack Warner kept quipping, Hunt kept provoking, Shelly in the middle....hilarious!"