Monday, January 5, 2009


The 'discussion' continues. Feel free to refute.


"Thanks PW for recognising that constructive criticism is what this terrific blog is about. 'Trini' seems to realise that when he's bashing TV6 (I see he has revealed he is a 'man') but does not have the same rules for other stations.
But then again, that's very understandable, since we've been reliably informed by a Gayelle worker that 'Trini' is really Robert Clarke. The husband of Ms Dass and the rated reporter of a station nobody watches.
(On hearing this we did tune in...we didn't stick around to find out if his work met the standards this blog upholds). But that loyalty explains why he's so intent on defending Ms Dass. Your call and right, but it doesn't mean everybody else is immune to her numerous flaws.

"And 'Kay Hernandez'. Really. Come on Shelly, get a better pseudonym. Anyway, again, to the bloggers, keep up the great work in 2009."


I'm calling names because it's time that you silly media workers are unmasked on this blog. If you want to use the blog to unfairly criticize your competition because of envy or whatever, then do so with your real names. But stop trying to mask as readers and followers of the all are really transparent.
Make it your new year's resolution to keep it real in every sense of the word.
Again, Martine, keep up the great work. You, at least, are credible."