Monday, January 12, 2009


Hmmmm. Trini wants to get us in some trouble and already we've had one heated response. But here's what, we've decided not to post it in its entirety, but we will give you this much: "You need to learn the art of taking as much as you give. Until you do that, don't denigrate a blog you conveniently used to your purposes in the past."

Our response was: "Don't you think this (the rest of the comment) is a bit over the top? Trini's response was more tongue-in-cheek than bashing and we really don't give a rat's .... what anyone thinks of this site, once they send constructive criticism of either the site or the media.

"If we post your comment it would continue the personal tit for tat so we've decided not to. But feel free to send legitimate comments about people or this site."