Thursday, January 8, 2009


There were so many interesting things to point out in those stories on Ms Salandy's funeral.
Both C News and TV6 began their newscasts with the funeral, but CNC 3 chose to bury (no pun intended) the story down at position #3 or #4 in their rundown.
TV6's Leeron Brumell told us Ms Salandy's championship belts are "now vacant". What does that mean? Is that a boxing term for when someone dies? Please enlighten us.

When Shelly Dass finally introduced the story from Sampson Nanton she had to pause for a while because it seemed the story was not ready.
And we finally got a stand-up from the man himself, but Sampson, what kinda dudes man posing is that? You standing there in the church yard with your very dark shades on talking and walking towards the camera, then whipping the shades off mid-sentence. Steups! Have you ever seen Anderson Cooper, Lyse Doucet or Katie Couric wearing shades while doing a stand-up? Well guess what? That's because it's a no-no. The reporter looks better squinting into the sunlight than wearing shades because it hides their eyes from the viewer and makes them look shady (again, no pun intended).

Then after you showed shots of Ms Salandy's body being lowered into the grave at the Siparia Public Cemetary (that word was scrolling across the screen for the entire newscast), you then went back to shots of people viewing her body inside the church, with a closing shot of the closed casket inside the church. Why do that wrong side kinda thing? So in the viewers' mind you dug up the casket and placed it back inside the church for effect? Steups!
For something like this, chronology works best.

And while we are on the subject of death in stories, Sharmilla Persad of TV6's story on the baby's body was very confusing. At first we were told the baby was left for dead, then we were told a dog was eating the baby's body. So of course we were totally confused because the word 'body' implies that a person is dead. Only when we saw the shot of the Forensic Sciences Centre did we know for sure that the child had died.
Ms Persad, the term 'left for dead' implies the person was severely attacked/beaten but survived (see this story as an example). Don't you have a producer to check these simple things? We are sure you confused the majority of your viewers.

Then the graphic over Shelly Dass-Clarke's shoulder on that story on the Arima student read "Student Found Dead", but in Melissa Williams' story we were told that the teachers assisted the young lady and took her to the hospital, and while she was being treated she was pronounced dead. So when exactly did she die?