Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here's a response to the original post on Mr Pierre's audible faux pas.

"About Fabian.
Well 'AD' it's a good thing you're not a decision maker about anything. Couple Questions: What was Fabian's reaction when he appeared on camera after the flub? As Sue Simmons did, he should have gracefully apologized, for his part.
The technical editor however, who assembled the voice and the video, and did not re-check the story, or was not careful enough to edit out the error, is culpable.

"Furthermore, it appears as though TV6 management did the right thing, since 'construction language' shouldn't be used in any kind of recording studio, especially in a fast paced environment, when granted, technical editors must be under tremendous pressure.

"What happened does not warrant pulling Fabian off air, especially if he apologised. Oh but then again...wait...if we are to follow 'AD's logic...I'm Fabian, and I might be defending myself using a fake name... ooooo..."


The question is: has Fabian appeared on camera since this story aired? And if yes, did he apologize?