Friday, January 2, 2009


Here's a response from the original "poster".

"It's strange that all these people responding to the Wiki-post are so angry about alleged character assassination. Where were all your protests when Denzil Ramdass was being murdered (along with Fabien Pierre) for praising TV6? You must be consistent to be credible, and NONE of you have proven your consistency nor credibility.

"The fact is the Wikipedia profile of Ms Dass is now changed, supporting my view that she did it herself. So if I need to get a life, you all need to get real, and realise that we know Ms Dass can send in many responses in her favour on her own, using fake names. The fact remains she is an amateur and only rated in Ansa McAl's company because she fits the profile. Her journalism skills leave much to be desired, and I googled her and found other people on several other blog sites expressing the same opinion (including considerable annoyance over her nasal voice and her ridiculous batting of the eyes).

"Please, people, real credible news anchors remain Colleen Holder (wherever she is I don't know), Francesca Hawkins, Dominic Kalipersad, Andy Johnson...those folks who know their stuff. So sorry Shelly for offending you with the truth, but maybe your new year's resolution could be to take constructive criticism and seek to improve rather that responding in a purile manner."