Monday, January 5, 2009


We couldn't have said it better ourselves.
A reader of the Guardian posted this comment to their website on the headline about Jizelle's death.

"Who are the morons who came up with and approved that atrocious headline about Jizelle being 'knocked out' ??!?!? Are there no editors, no one with sense or sensitivity enough to know that that headline is completely inappropriate?! What on earth are you all thinking?!? So many people are hurt with the news of Jizelle's passing and apparently all the Guardian could think about was coming up with a crass and inappropriate one-liner masquerading as a headline? I am so disgusted with the Guardian this morning - you all are an embarrassment! Jizelle Salandy deserved better than that!
"Rest in peace, Jizelle, God bless you!"

In truth...who are the morons? Feel free to let us know. We promise not to reveal our sources.