Friday, January 16, 2009


Since this story first broke, we have been asking ourselves this question: who did the US$10,000 in jewellery belong to? Queen Latifah or someone in her entourage?
We all know the story by now: Latifah and her homies were chillin' (or limin' as she told Jay Leno) at Stone Haven Villas when the items were stolen.
But some reports says the items belonged to the rap/acting star, others claim it belonged to someone in her entourage.

Well by the time the culprits appeared in court we would have thought that the issue would have been settled. But here it is again the media fails to bring true clarity to an issue.
The Newsday's Karl Cupid tells us: "Kevon Bayne, 35, of Riseland Trace, Bethel, Tobago, was yesterday granted $300,000 bail by Scarborough Senior Magistrate Annette McKenzie when he appeared in court on a series of charges, including larceny of US $10,000 worth of jewelry belonging to Grammy Award-winner, Queen Latifah at Stonehaven Villas on December 28, last."

Yet the Guardian's Casandra Thompson tells us: "Three people appeared in the Scarborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday to answer charges related to the theft of items from a member of Hollywood queen Latifah’s entourage."

So which one of them do you think was actually in court and actually heard the charges being read? The magistrate would have had to say who the jewellery was stolen from, not so?

If you were in the courtroom and can bring some clarification to this matter, feel free to drop us a line at