Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here's a comment about the election night coverage of the THA election.

"CNMG's coverage of the THA elections was far superior to Andy Johnson's excessive talk shop and CNC3's almost non-existent coverage. Andy and his partners talked the night away while Hamid Ghany and his guests spent time discussing THE RESULTS. Hello, Andy, people tuned in to get the RESULTS not to hear three overweight politicians argue with each other about a road behind a church in Bacolet.

"Junior reporters Charlene Ramdhanie and Golda Lee were amateurish and an absolute waste of time and did nothing to help the people in studio. Don't these girls know you should not get carried away by the moment as a reporter? Leave the giggling and the superlatives for the hairdressers, girls.

"Thankfully, Fatboy Hamid (who dresses him?) and his two knowledgeable guests kept things rolling along very very well and Ean Wallace was perfect for the occasion. Meanwhile, Andy and the fat boys talked and talked and talked. What a lousy production. The results came up and disappeared without explanation. Andy did not know who was fighting where and Gift, Dumas and Beard just kept on talking and talking while the results were not coming and coming.

"While all of this was happening, junior reporters Charlene and Golda seemed impressed. At one time I thought Golda would plant a kiss on Cecil Caruth's cheek and the less said about Ramdhanie the better. Back to journalism school for you girls. You wasted our time on election night."

"A. Gordon"

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