Monday, January 26, 2009


We've had a response from the businessman who sent us that heartfelt appeal about the treatment meted out to his staff by media houses which 'demand' free passes to cover fetes.

"Well. I finally got a report from two of my juniors (involved in promoting separate fetes) who had the misfortune of being called by the producer I referred to in TV6.
She was even more rude, hostile and abusive towards them. (Last) week, when she called them for tickets, she told them, (on separate occasions) that - and I'm quoting from them - "All yuh feel writing to media watch bout me going to do anything. Just get the **** tickets for the fetes - we doin all yuh a favour".
Suffice to say, these workers had no clue what she was talking about, and when they asked her to explain, she actually used obscene language. Sad to say, the managers are not reining that woman in at all."

"Carnival police"

Let's see if this situation will be addressed before the free tickets season is over.