Tuesday, January 6, 2009


More about media coverage of Ms Salandy's death.

"When all other newscasts, radio and television were raging with news of Salandy whose body was on display for the public on Tuesday, TV6 carried some other story on Jizelle way down the back of their news, done by Marcia Hope.

"And Marcia, you had an interesting focus in your piece about the regret of the man who gave Jizelle the keys to the car she met her death in --- why didn't you let that be the emphasis of your story? Don't you realise everyone else missed that? Good effort though.

"There you go again TV6, in your regional round up, there was a caption that read Chavez sends AIDS to, was it Gaza? Don't quite remember, but wouldn't that line be better understood if you just left it as "AID", huh?

"And to the person who asked about TV stations not bringing news on Jizelle's fatal accident on Sunday (the day she died) TV6 did bring a breaking news story on it.

"Ahhhh, Roger, Roger, Roger -- dear Roger Sant over at CNC3, do you need a break again, you said this country's first "OlymPrick" medalist was awarded today by Minister Gary Hunt" and some other. Dear oh dear, I like that one Roger...lol."


C News at 9pm did not have any video on the family of Ms Salandy or the public viewing her body in San Fernando. That took place since 4pm. What was the problem? Instead they had some interviews from her hometown with people who influenced her over the years and other people singing and clapping. (That actually could have been recorded on Monday night).
Neither did we see anything on the viewing of the body on TV6 in their 10pm newscast.