Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This reader of the Guardian posted this comment on the lack of day-time television coverage on Sunday of Jizelle Salandy's death.

"In a country with eight TV stations not one all day Sunday gave you any news on the tragic death of our Boxing Icon, what a waste; these TV stations are nothing more than DVD players transmitting American junk. The OJT reporters were either looking for free drinks somewhere or just did not know what is real news, and the lone TV station which boasts of having 100 per cent local content also had nothing to say.

"We had to wait until the 7pm news to get any information. It was a total shame, those DVD players that call themselves TV stations, are a total waste. The Media Association should hide their face because their members were a total failure and the TTPBA because of cheapness to hire professional(s) or pay their reporters must also hide in shame."

"Rawlins Boodan"