Friday, January 16, 2009


The Newsday's online edition of Friday January 16th has an interesting photo page.
Nothing relates to anything else.
The page headline is "Constitutional Contempt", the photo is that of 3 Canal members performing and the photo caption is this: "POSH PORCHE: Miss Trinidad and Tobago World Gabrielle Walcott strikes an elegant pose during the unveiling of the 2009 Porche 911 at Lifestyle Motors' Bhagouti Trace, San Juan, compound on Wednesday. The sporty car is being offered to buyers at a cool $1.3 million."

Two more observations: nowhere on the website is there a photo of Miss Walcott doing what she is said to be doing, and the spelling of the name of that very sexy little car looked strange on the Newsday's website, so we looked it up on the car company's official website, and you guessed it, the Newsday is wrong twice again.