Monday, January 26, 2009


Questions have already arisen about that story re: CNMG.

"Hi MW,
(Sunday)'s Express has an interesting story about the government's plans for its various media holdings. I'm a bit confused by the penultimate paragraph of the story: 'But the idea that CNMG, a reincarnated TTT, might go the route of a Government-controlled broadcasting structure has alarmed many people, both inside and outside the State-owned TV station.' What's the difference between being a Government-controlled broadcasting structure and a State-owned TV station? They seem like one and the same to me.

"The story does raise an important question that I raised in an earlier post about CNMG. Should the government be owning media companies in 2009? What's the rationale for this? I understand that government ownership was necessary back in the day when broadcast media was still in its infancy. But today we have several private broadcasters. So why does the government need to be involved in media of all things?"


Good questions Mike and we'd like to post this one as an open letter to both current and former Information Ministers, Neil Parsanlal and Dr Lenny Saith.
Maybe they should consider the BBC's operations.