Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This particular subject seems to have generated more questions than answers.

"RE - "Herself unto herself"

"I also found it very strange that a reporter (Anna Ramdass) was allowed to give her extensive first person view in the Express about this police raid on her house, and then do the follow up interviews herself.
I recall last year (perhaps before since I'm rarely in the country and rely on the internet news) that several reporters/photographers/cameramen were either robbed or some victims of crime, and it was reported as news items in their respective news stations / papers etc. Neither did TV6's Sasha Mohammed take up the issue of kidnapping as her pet subject when her brother was kidnapped two years ago. In fact, none of these reporters gave the first person account or follow up "war on crime" like Ms Ramdass seems to be doing (in her case it's a "war on police brutality').

"Now interestingly this entire episode is quite fishy...Ms Ramdass is certainly not a controversial reporter (her work which I have read in limited portions is quite basic, standard he say/he responded reports.)
She's not, as I said, any major reporter in any way. Yet the Express is giving her a free rein to write as she pleases and the papers even wrote an editorial on the matter. I have seen, though, that it has not even attempted to put anyone other than Ms Ramdass on the story, not even its crime reporters, to attempt to get the police side. The Express seems to be suggesting (by defining Ms Ramdass as a "POLITICAL" reporter), that the entire thing is politically motivated (and inferring it's the Government behind this entire thing).

"That is just wrong. Ms Ramdass's work I am certain will never attract that kind of reaction from anyone. She's too insignificant as a reporter for anyone, much less the government, to want to send a message to. Which leads me to the other issue.
Firstly anyone checked the background of this reporter? Is it true that her unnaturally close, personal friendship with a certain Express editor has ensured this type of biased reporting on this issue that is compromising the Express's credibility?

"These are the issues that must be fleshed out before one adopts that type of self coverage. And it's sad that the Express failed to realise this. How now, will they recover from this?"

"Concerned reader who wants ALL THE FACTS"

Ms Ramdass, we would love to hear from you or your editor.