Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tamar Watson's (young woman injured in the accident which took Ms Salandy's life) mom also weighed in on the Guardian's headline "Salandy Knocked Out".
"The subdued mom adds that while some people are kind, others can be cruel. There was a headline in the Guardian that disgusted me. How could they say that Jizelle was knocked out? She was not 'knocked out'! She died! They have no respect for the family who reading that rubbish," said Watson."

And here are a few more comments from the Guardian's website:
"Who approved the front page headline for Monday, 5th January 2009? "Jizelle Knocked Out"? Was this an attempt at a joke? A young woman was killed Mr. Wilson. You, as Editor-in-Chief should be sacked after you apologise to Ms. Salandy's family and the nation. Shame on the Trinidad Guardian! And you wonder why no one respects the media."

"Fire the cretin who came (up) with that callously, insensitive front-page headline. Giselle's not "knocked out" - she's DEAD."

"You have to be kidding me. Ugh. Way to be totally ice cold with that headline, Guardian. Seriously, what were you guys even -thinking- when you put up that headline? Don't you have an editor or something who could have looked this over? Heck, even a three year old with A.D.D. could have checked it and determined that a title like that was out of place. FOR SHAME. And, knowing how these papers work, I'm very certain that an apology is coming....on page 8, tucked away in some tiny space where nobody is going to notice Guardian owning up to its foul up."

"Boxing star dies as car slams into killer pillar... Jizelle knocked out. Who ever came up with that headline is a very insensitive, uncouth, disrespectful idiot. I do hope the guardian does post up an editorial apologising to her family and fans."

Well if they do post an apology or an editorial to address this matter please let us know.