Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The discussion continues.

"Ah TV6. Once again you show how unprofessional you can be. I know the exactly person who you're referring to requiring these tickets in obscene language. Begging for tickets to carnival fetes is an absolute no in the media. It is unethical, inappropriate and only helps to create a bad impression of the media in general. I trust that her managers deal with (her).

"And how could the tiredness of an editor be to blame for loud, obscene language by Fabian Pierre being broadcast on air? Get real TV6. You need to remember than you are not the only news station in the country and we are downright tired of your continued failure to lift your standards.

"And talking about standards, I must once again congratulate CNMG for continuing to keep Desha Rambhajan on the 7pm newscast. Maybe it's like football, where one player who is away for long is replaced by another player who performs so good that the regular starter, when he/she returns, has to fight for his/her place. Desha has made a fantastic substitute and it appears that C News managers have placed the regulars on the bench to fight for their place. Well done! Competition is healthy and Desha, you're doing very well."

"trini media"