Monday, January 5, 2009


It's strange and interesting at the same time that the editors at the Express gave Anna Ramdass the task of interviewing Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal on the issue of the police searches of private homes without warrants.
This comes on the heels of Ms Ramdass' home being searched by police last week.

We can't say that there is anything blatantly wrong with it, but on seeing the story it just smacked of himself doing a story on himself using the company's resources (of course with permission) in a roundabout sort of way.
Mind you, in Miss Ramdass' story there is no actual reference to the police raid on her home. We just have various quotes from Miss Seetahal and her book, titled 'Commonwealth Caribbean Practice and Procedure' on the general issue: "Senior Counsel and Independent Senator Dana Seetahal has said police must present a search warrant obtained from a magistrate or justice of the peace before searching anyone's premises. Speaking to the Express yesterday Seetahal...explained the process."

One of the persons who commented on the story on the Express website had this to say: "Ms Seetahal this thing been happening before you were born. Why only now you decide to speak out? I guess is because it is an Express reporter."

Did other reporters do stories similar to incidents that happened to them? Did Sasha Mohammed suddenly take up the plight of the kidnapped when her brother was abducted? We do recall that when Vaughn Salandy passed away some years ago suddenly there was a lot of interest in how suicides are reported.

Hmmmmmmm. What are your thoughts?