Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is one of the funniest comments we have had in a very long time, from Trini Media.

"While I have used this blog several times to post comments, I'll say this honestly, I don't like this blog at all. Of course, I can take a number and join the line of dozens of others, but I'd rather form my own line, because unlike those petty media workers who can't take criticism, my reasons are entirely different.

"While I respect your right to be critical of the often worthless, terrible, ridiculous and unlearned media personnel we have in this country (imagine TV6 started their Saturday night newscast with a story from Parliament, which ended before 4 pm the day prior -- what idiot made that call?), their names and faces are out there for all to see. They must face public scrutiny and when they write "too-too", they lose credibility. They're in the open so we know who "too-too" their pants. If or when they libel someone, they are sued because everyone knows who did it.

"This blog, however, assumes the right of media critic. And while the country needs it more than we think we know, you, the critics, are faceless, nameless and I'd rather say, gutless too. By all means say that Fabian Pierre comes across like a little boy reading news to big people; say Otto Carrington's voice-training is long overdue; say what you will about CNMG too, but tell us who you are.

"What I find even more appalling is that people then write their comments maligning others without fear of libel and without having to use their own name. So perhaps Fabian is bashing Desha, Shelly is bashing Golda, Naette is bashing Samantha. Who knows if Curtis Williams at CNMG is bashing Rosemarie Sant at CNC3, and if Roger in turn is bashing Joel Villafana? You see what I mean, all these pseudonyms, nobody knows who is who so it's open game. No balance, no accuracy, no fairness, no principles of journalism that you fight so hard for.

"So, let me do my part. I am Curtis Sampson Golda Rosemarie Samantha Desha Roger Astil Otto Naette Pierre. That's my complete first name alone. My middle name of course is McKnight Anna Richard Sasha Mohammed and my surname is Odeka-Clarke-Sant-John-Lee-Dass-Rambhajan. I think Fabian is a little boy trying to read big people news. I think Shelly is damn cute and is fantastic at her game (close second to Francesca). I think Rosemarie and Roger Sant are insecure because if you look back they implement everything you ever say on this site, including the fact that Rosemarie has stopped reading scripts and Roger has indeed given Astil a break now and then. I wonder if they give salary increases that easily? Nope, or else so many wouldn't have left. I think the Lee sisters are good readers but that Naette comes across like a diva. I think Samantha needs to tone it down and her bubble head sports anchor needs to relax himself and understand that he only just come and needs to learn to present news in a way that would appeal to viewers. I think Sampson has made a fantastic come-back and continues to prove himself to be a great asset to -- shall we say it -- yes, Sabga and them who own the damn station. I think IETV has a great newscast but that CNC3 still ranks on top. I think TV6's news judgement is as good as my three-year-old son trying to pick a World Cup team for the final game. I think Sasha Mohammed got what she asked for, i.e. the dislike of all her media colleagues because she felt she was God to them.

"I think Anna Ramdass's relationship with Omatie Lyder makes everyone in the Express sick. I think people like Marcia Hope and the Morales Spanish speaking person at TV6, have no place in the media. I think Desha Rambhajan is actually a very visually-appealing presenter and does a good job (whenever CNMG chooses to use her). I also think Charlene Ramdhanie is a fantastic presenter. I think Robert Clarke is an ace in his field. I think CNC3 needs to stop being cheap and keep their people after losing Odeka, Beekhee, Braveboy, Kent and countless others in the past (whatever become of that miserable girl called Kimberly Mackan?). We know that Hema left to work with Jack Warner. BIG MONEY!! Hint. Hint. Rosemarie, Roger, Sabga??!!

"There you are. I expressed my views. Maybe I rubbed some badly, I praised some, so you can call me fair, balanced and impartial. But am I? Oh, I almost forgot, I have to give my true name. It's Shelly Dass....I mean Dass. I lied, it's Fabian Pierre. Let me be honest, I'm really Samantha John. Nope, it's me, Golda Lee. Need I say more?
(I still think it's the stupid decision by TV6 to start their Saturday night newscast with Parliament that prompted all this. Conrad Enill said it, the worse in the world -- except for a few!)"

Well Trini, we really don't care who you are, just feel free to send constructive comments on the TT media.