Monday, January 5, 2009


Maybe the Trinidad Guardian has an arrangement with the UK Guardian to copy everything (down to web page design) they print, but it would be nice if the Trinidad Guardian editors or copy and pasters would tell us where an article was first published.

Case in point: "Scotland bids fond farewell to Latapy", published in the Saturday edition. The story sounded suspiciously foreign: "But Scottish football’s purists will have cause for a heavy heart when the little Trinidadian departs these shores (Scotland) for the last time in the next couple of weeks."; and again: "A hero in his native country, not to mention a two-time winner of the Portuguese SuperLiga,...".
So we did some checking and found that the story had been published word for word on Friday January 2nd in the UK Guardian, under the heading "Scotland bids fond farewell to the talents of Latapy".

The only difference between the two stories is the photo. Why? Well as one person commented on the UK Guardian's website: "Are you having a laugh?!? Yet again the Guardians (sic) contempt for Scottish football is displayed for all to see - that's a picture of Didier Agathe not Russell Latapy, even I know that & I'm a jambo!"

Come on TT Guardian. How hard is it to let your readers know where a story was first published and not palm it off as original work? It's done all the time at reputable newspapers the world over.