Saturday, January 3, 2009


Of course there must be different versions of the various murders, or we would not be talking about media in Trinidad.

Denyse Renne and Peter Christopher of the Sunday Express tell us: "The victims have been identified as Curtis Garth, Brenton Greene, Adrian Findley and State witness Fulton King...Police have launched a man-hunt for Garth's killer, having gotten a description from eyewitnesses...Around 10 a.m., Garth, who is also known as "Garlic", was inside the San Juan Market, when he reportedly snatched a pair of sneakers and ran off. He was pursued and beaten about the body. Garth, 44, of Rambajan Street, Aranjuez,...".

According to the Guardian, the victim's last name is "Grant", his address was "Rambaju Street", he was accused of stealing celery, the incident occurred at 9:30am and his killer was arrested shortly after the incident.
They add that "When the Sunday Express visited the scene, it was business as usual for vendors and customers." Hopefully this means the information should be accurate, but we are not sure which version we should accept.

Miss Renne and Mr Christopher also tell us of the second victim, Brenton/Brent Greene: "Residents said they heard a gunshot and later found Greene, of St Nicholas Street, Carenage, dead in the car." According to the Guardian, it's just plain Nicholas Street, while the Guardian gives us "Schuller" Street as the venue of the murder, but the Express says it's "Schullere" Street.
Who read the street sign correctly?

Miss Renne tells us the third murder victim was "Fulton" King, as against the Guardian's "Sultan" King, and the fourth victim is "Adrian" Findley as against the Guardian's "Sherman".

Indarjit Seuraj of the Newsday meanwhile tells us the murder victims are Curtis "Grant", "Brent" Green, "Sultan" King and the fourth victim is unidentified. He adds that Grant (who was beaten to death in the market) was from Rambhaju Trace, however the murder took place at 8:30am instead of 9:30, and that Ann Marie Matamoro is the victim's cousin, while the Guardian identifies her as his sister.
In the second incident, Mr Seuraj also places the Carenage killing at "Schuller" Street and the victim lived at "St Nicholas" Street.