Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here's former CCN Chairman Ken Gordon saying what most of us have known all along, that the lack of monitoring of countless radio and tv stations has led to appalling standards in the media.
"“The canons of good taste do not appear to be understood, racism is promoted; excesses dominate; pronunciation is abominable, green verbs are the order of the day and standards have fallen on every side. “There is a terrible weakness in the electronic media. No efforts have been made to make people accountable for standards.”...He also said there was the need for proper training for media personnel."

And while it's easy to lay all the blame on successive governments, media managers (most of whom are members of the TTPBA) should hang their heads in shame at this sorry state of affairs.
Hiring unqualified, untrained people to write stories and read the news in order to save a few dollars shows a distinct lack of regard for their audiences.