Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The comments continue on the THA election night coverage.

"I found the election night coverage interesting. CNMG's panel was rather lack luster. Hamid Ghany was good, but his fellow panelists were boring. And TV6, what happened to you?! Remember old school TTT? That's what TV6 is reminding me of lately. Don't get me wrong, I adore Andy Johnson, he's great, but let's have some more shots of the scene. Don't go to a place, prepared for a LIVE event, and come away thinking you may as well have been in a dark studio.

"Both CNMG and TV6 cut out their programming around 10pm. I actually think CNC3 though was pretty good, content wise. They went until 10:30pm or so with a political scientist, and an economist and every 5 minutes they had live reports from Sampson Nanton, and some new girl. The graphics for the results are so old school though. They look like someone dusted them off from 40 years ago.

"Still, CNC were the only ones who stuck around for the concession speech from Ashworth Jack. (But it seemed a bit touch and go for them though, because it looked like they were wrapping up the discussion, when the host did a turn-around, and explained they were standing by to go to Ashworth Jack in Tobago..but the guests looked caught off guard too. I guess they weren't clued into the last minute change in plan) Orville London did a long interview with 3 at some point. Is it that they have more political favour, or contacts? Why didn't CNMG get those interviews? But CNC3, get with the programme, send over a live production team to bring us back proper pictures. Get some better graphics, yours are just plain ugly. Doesn't McAl have enough money?"

"A. Williams"