Thursday, January 8, 2009


We heard an interesting story on TV6 on Tuesday evening...Diane Baldeo told us that the police had solved the first murder of 2009, that of Curtis Moses of Upper 'Tumpuna' Road in Tunapuna.
We don't know who wrote the story because it was a voice over, but it sounded really dumb.
When you think of a murder being solved, you think of months of police work interviewing witnesses and scouring the streets for suspects while collecting evidence.
But in the story we were told that the police held the suspect (a relative of the dead man) shortly after the incident.
That's what you call solving? Someone in the crowd probably pointed out the suspect, or he/she was still on spot when the police arrived. Steups!
Double steups! if that was a press release from the Police Headquarters (although we did not hear that story anywhere else).

Also on Tuesday we caught Giselle McIntyre of IE News primping with a huge blue/purple-rimmed circular mirror just minutes before the news began at 6:30. Not your fault Giselle, and we are certain you dealt with the idiot who punched you up looking less than 100% professional.

We also caught (well kinda) Diane Baldeo adjusting her hair during stories. She began the newscast with her unkempt/desperately in need of a haircut-hair cascading over her shoulders. But by the time she returned from Marcia Hope's story, the ends of her hair were tucked away behind her shoulders.
Thanks for small mercies, and kudos for getting a haircut by Thursday.