Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This reader has an issue with CNC 3 co-anchor Shelly Dass-Clarke's wikipedia profile.

"I'm home for the holidays and can't help but look at the local media and all its amusing characters.
"My cousin was showing me the wikipedia profile of a former classmate of hers (Shelly Dass) and she was having a good laugh that at 35, Shelly Dass cannot seem to get beyond the silly, materialistic, insecure schoolgirl she was when she was in high school.
The profile is clearly written by Shelly, and we are amused that she seemed to want to show that she was "successful" for someone so young. She has no idea about the numerous international figures who have published critically acclaimed books, appear on international tv and excel in the many other professions at very young ages?
And then that "million dollar beachfront wedding" to an "important family in Port of Spain". My God.
"(Just as an aside, what 'important family does Mr Clarke belong to? Because we've checked and not only are the Clarkes not really known in the local (much less regional and international) business sectors, but also, we've found no original colonial building named after his family, and no coat of arms attached to his family crest.)
"Shelly needs to realise that standard interviewing may be impressive for the apparently nepotistic Ansa McAl group, but it is amateur beyond reason in general.
And from what we understand, there are so many other deserving journalists in that company of accolades, but Shelly's face fits the profile of what is desired in the
Sabga-run company. You all know that discrimination is quite prevalent in T&T to date.
"Anyway, Happy New Year to the bloggers and keep up the good work."

Well wikipedia has had its share of people editing sites and embellishing with information that may or may not be true. Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report caused a stir a couple of years ago when he edited a site during his show just to prove a point.

So which other media workers have been embellishing their wikipedia sites?