Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here's a response to our post on favourite tv stations.

"Lol! Somebody please give TV6's marketing department a gold medal, whoever came up with the idea to write in to the blog and pay glowing tribute to them, as if the station is the best thing since sliced clever! D.R.? That's simply ingenious!

"Seriously though, I know we are all entitled to our own opinions, but Samantha Jo still needs help with her pronunciation. She has an affectation, that's a little, well...not, ummm...genuine (not meant to be mean Sammy). As for their weekend reporter Diane Baldeo..well I don't know who she is, and there's no meaning to what she says (nothing personal to you either ma'am). For me personally, I can't trust what TV6 says lately because I know the readers are not reporters. At least with CNMG, those girls like Golda and Charlene are out in the field...they report. Same thing with Shelly Dass, and Vashty Achaibar at IE, or even Paolo Kernahan at Gayelle. They can hold their own without a teleprompter. But when I see and hear Sammy Jo voicing commercials, and Diane Baldeo doing the same thing, and Maxine whoever playing love songs on the radio...and that man with the contact lenses on IETV..and I wonder: do I want them to sell me furniture and play me music, or tell me the truth about the political and social landscape? Age old debate folks, and a decision which TV6 hasn't been able to make.

"In terms of morning shows? TV6 ANY DAY, I love Andy Johnson, humble, intelligent, not obsessed with his image. A La Obama, a morning show I can believe in! lol.
Have a great day people."