Thursday, December 18, 2008


Some kudos for TV6 from their main fan, as well as for C News.

"TV6's #1 fan here once again and I don't give a damn to what PH and "trini" says but I must commend Fabien Pierre and the TV6 News on the series they are currently running, "UWI Under Siege". I am a full time student of the institution and Fabien in his report has highlighted some of the fears that I face on a daily basis. Thank you Fabien and TV6 News for highlighting the plight of us UWI students, your newscast is indeed as you say, the news of the people and by the people.

"I have also noticed that TV6 has scooped C News on the Red Eye story, kudos again on that TV6. C News, it is a pleasure to see sisters Naette and Golda Lee anchoring together, keep up the good work girls. I also would like to offer condolences to Sasha Mohammed of the TV6 News on the recent passing of her sister to breast cancer last Tuesday."

"TV6's #1 fan,"