Monday, December 1, 2008


Here's a response to our post.


"I see your comments on the writing of crime stories, but all that is evident with that crime story on Fox is that a Television news person wrote that story and Fox being the liberal media that they are must have made minor adjustments and put it out in print format. I have seen that kind of writing in the papers here where Television reporters write stories that are used for print.

"The dumb editors just remain rigid and say this is Television writing we would have no more of it, that's all. But we have had writing like that on crime stories before.
Track back a bit on google and you will come upon something, that is too tedious for me to do right now.

"Richard Charan has been creative with his pieces too, but it seems lately his fantastic pieces are being edited into mediocrity. Or he is too stretched with work to maintain proper standards."


We responded by saying that actually the story was written by an Associated Press Writer and printed verbatim by Fox and other news services, for example.