Friday, December 19, 2008


Here's a response to DR's comment.

""DR", Hopefully those initials are just that, initials, cause they are a poor representative of what the respectable acronym Dr. means so far.

"I expect mediocrity to praise mediocrity. After all isn't that what happens with most media awards these days? The best of the mediocre is awarded. But hold on, one day a sensible organisation would request re-submission of better work for award purposes, instead of rewarding/awarding the crap that's sent to them. This does not mean that the people who submit their work for award purposes do not do good work, they just do not send their best product.

"But "DR", what I see is that you are a simpleton with a passion for mediocrity and you get an orgasm out of ordinary work. As "trini" would say, keep it real, those stories you are praising, especially by Fabien Pierre are the usual run-of-the-mill stories. Keep on praising mediocrity and soon enough some of us won't know the difference or mediocrity will become the new standard.

"It was nice of you to extend condolences to Miss Mohammed. Fabien is that you?

"Keep it real."