Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hmmmmm. Here's a thought-provoking comment on what may transpire should the PM not return to Trinidad for obvious reasons.

"Wouldn't it be interesting if some enterprising journalist did a piece on the panic that set in among big intelligent men when Dr. Williams died? I am reliably informed that the people who first discovered him unconscious or dead, debated about whether to call his doctor, or to take him to the hospital. As if he might be revived and punish them for allowing anyone to know what had transpired.
And about the high-handed manner and ad hoc manner in which the next Prime Minister was chosen. Did Sir Ellis really choose George Chambers because he thought TT wasn't ready for an Indian PM? And why did such a basic political decision have to reside with the President in any case?

"If America and numerous other nations simultaneously elect or appoint via the party system a deputy for whomever is elected as head of the government executive, why can't it happen here? And why do we think that parliamentary democracy is for us anyways? Sometimes when you inherit things, you have to assess their value and keep or sell as necessary. I think it's time we review this political system of ours because the people have no voice. The individual you vote for does not seek your interest at their primary place of work - the Parliament - and will vote and contribute to legislation that you don't agree with or care about. And the very MPs that thousands of Trinbagonians voted for last November are now quite useless if the PM is called to his Master.
Only three of them actually have some experience in politics and government and there's going to be a terrific power struggle going on (which won't involve us by the way) should our current Prime Minister kick the bucket."