Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well per our last post, namely that part about "the lack of oversight sometimes by copy editors", we have a piece written by Rhondor Dowlat of the Newsday for the Tuesday edition.
She's describing the accident at the UWI intersection of the CR highway on Sunday night which claimed the lives of two toddlers and both parents of one of the children.
But we are told "The other survivors which involved a white Toyota Corolla and a green Audi, were identified as Michael Poonwasie, one-year-old Joshua Lazarus, his father Jermaine Lazarus, Jermaine’s wife Theresa Butcher and Patricia Narcis."
Who survived the crash? The cars or the occupants?

Hmmmmm. And we will assume the same copy editor missed this one as well from Indarjit Seuraj's story on the young murder accused who appeared in court "Donning tattoos of two teardrops under his left eye,...".
He put those on just before he left the jail to go to court?