Saturday, December 27, 2008


We're hoping that the new year brings some clarity to fact-finding and telling in the local media.
The brother of a government minister was critically stabbed outside an Arouca bar on Saturday morning. However the details surrounding the event have once again been re-interpreted by various media houses.
Both stories in the Sunday editions of the Express and Newsday begin similarly.
Here's the lead paragraph written by Gyasi Gonzales of the Express: "A COLD beverage placed on the bonnet of a man's car led to the stabbing death of an ex-murder accused and the wounding of three other men-one of them the brother of a junior government minister."
And here's what Onika James of the Newsday wrote: "The simple act of placing a glass on someone’s car yesterday led to the fatal stabbing of one man, and the wounding of three others, including the brother of a Government minister."

But once again, the reader is left confused about the ensuing facts.
Mr Gonzales tells us: "...the killer, known only as "Cyat Eye" remained at large up to press time last night...(Al) Edmond, Patrick Holder, Kerwyn Lucio and Dane Hospedales...were liming opposite the bar...The Sunday Express was told that someone from the Edmond group placed a glass containing rum and coke on the bonnet of the killer's car. This reportedly enraged the man and he walked up to a member of the group and slapped him...Edmond...was instead stabbed in the chest. Holder, Lucio and Hospedales approached and they too were stabbed by the enraged car owner. "

But Ms James tells us: "According to reports Edmond, and his friends Patrick Holder, Dane Hospedales, and Kerwin Lucio aka “Cateye” were liming in the vicinity of La Luna Bar...a man placed his drinking glass on Lucio’s car. Eyewitnesses said Lucio became enraged, and an altercation ensued. Edmond attempted to make peace between Lucio, and the stranger who walked away from Lucio, but bottles were thrown. A short while later the stranger walked up to Lucio, and began stabbing him about the body...Edmond, Holder, and Hospedales rushed to Lucio’s assistance, and received several stabs about their bodies."

So which version of the event is correct?
Whose car was at the centre of the melee? Was "Cyat Eye/Cateye" the murderer or one of the victims? Who was stabbed first: Edmond or Lucio? Is the dead man's name spelt 'Edmond' (as in the Express & Newsday) or 'Edmund' as in the Guardian? How old was he: 28 (Express) or 29 (Guardian)? What time did the incident occur: 6:45 (Express & Newsday) or 7:45 (Guardian)? What kind of weapon was used: a knife (Express) or a broken bottle (Guardian)?