Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The last post caused quite a stir and we received several stirring comments. Here's a taste of some of them:

"To call her materialistic and to insult people you don't know, shows you need to get a life of your own."
(K. Hernandez)

"As for wikipedia, something is terribly wrong with that site, since it says Samantha John is married to Patrick Manning, and Shelly Dass is married to an American football player. Last time, we in Trinidad and Tobago checked, Patrick and Hazel Manning are married, and Shelly Dass is married to Robert Clarke, who is a well known journalist, not an American football player. That site is garbage. Is it a trini thing, or just a base human instinct to attack people who are easy targets like Samantha and Shelly?" (A. Williams)

"What is really going on with this blog lately? I thought you (we by virtue of participation) were about making constructive criticism, not personal or character attacks? Who is this "AD" person? He or she needs to concentrate maybe on making themselves a better person, and finding better things to do with their time, than clearly holding on to old high school grudges. You, "AD" need to grow up a bit." (Trini)

"Hmmm....wikipedia says Shelly Dass was given a jaguar for a bonus from Ansa McAl. Should we believe that about her too? Wikipedia says Samantha John is married to Patrick Manning with four children. Well, "AD" whoever you are, you clearly have been keeping abreast of current affairs in Trinidad and Tobago to hold wikipedia up as the gospel truth. Do you pray to wikipedia at night as well? What a sad person you must be to believe wikipedia, and mock and insult people based on what's written about them. That's like that government minister the other day in the parliament, standing up and reading a wikipedia definition for something. The point is, wikipedia is an encyclopedia compiled by ordinary people, many of whom would have an axe to grind with some poor person or another. It's not the bible, and surprise surprise, the subject like Shelly and Samantha likely have little to do with the garbage that's written about them." (Coffee)