Sunday, December 21, 2008


Here's one for PH following the last comment.

"This battle between PH and DR is quite amusing. DR at least had the cajones to say that he/she is a student at UWI and is only 19 years old. But "PH" chooses to attack the child for liking a Tv station. PH claims he/she is a media personnel..why not say who you are if you are supposed to be a public figure.

"And to assault a young child for his/her opinions (however flawed you may perceive him/her to be) is quite surprising and contradictory to your stance as a media worker whose job hallmarks are fairness, (impartiality) and openmindedness.
Why be so vicious towards this child for simply saying he/she likes TV6NEWS? Sounds to me like that child (I'm guessing it's a girl) has a little crush on Fabian Pierre and decided to do something to praise him. But if she/he likes the station as much as is said, that is her entitlement. PH, you also complain about the promotion of mediocrity..when your OWN rants against DR are ironically a demonstration of that very mediocrity. Again, say who you are if you claim to be such an expert you attack a child with an innocent crush on a cute boy! How banal.

"It's noteworthy that TV6 harsh critic, Trini, has so far not bothered to respond, possibly showing maturity and some degree of sense.
But then again, these attacks on the child by PH may have a very simple explanation...are you a former employee of TV6 who did not get your own way there and now react as an employee scorned? Are you a media personnel at a less popular station/news institution and angry you cannot get a job in TV6?
Or are you just some useless, run of the mill reporter who is yet to make any kind of national/public impact, hence your fear of using your name and going brave?
Why don't you find a story to write that may make this blog site praise you, if you truly want to make productive use of your time."

"Allison Deonath"
"Former Trinidadian resident"
"Currently a Management student at an Ohio university."

"(See, identification of oneself isn't so hard to do)."

Actually Allison, DR is male, first name Denzil.