Saturday, December 27, 2008


Thanks for clearing the air on this one, Trini.

"I realise even though the administrators of this site strive for accuracy, even they too get it wrong from time to time, so just to clear the air on the prime minister's return, he did not come back at 12 noon as one newspaper reported and as this site is also quoting in response to C News' late mention that Dr Lenny Saith was a member of the welcoming party at Piarco.

"CNC3 was the only station with footage of the prime minister's arrival at Piarco. Sampson Nanton who must have had a big tip-off (unlike most Cabinet ministers), that the prime minister was returning, carried shots of Dr Saith together with Ministers Conrad Enill and Paula Gopee-Scoon waiting for the prime minister. It was a well detailed report showing all the activity before the prime minister arrived (clearly shot from upstairs in the eating area), as well as the arrival of the jet, the prime minister and his wife on the tarmac greeting the welcoming party and Mr Manning's classic wave before leaving for the diplomatic centre. Sampson clearly quoted that while Dr Saith had been waiting since before noon, the prime minister touched down at 2 pm (hence the reason for the 2.30 press conference in which the prime minister did say that he came straight from the airport). It appears that C News was only playing catching up the next day after being well scooped.

"So kudos to Sampson and CNC3 for a job well done. Either their sources are very high up, or somebody showed good judgement to check out the airport after learning that the prime minister's office called a press conference that (according to my media sources) came with a request for live coverage. Their coverage on Christmas Eve proved that while everyone was caught up in the season, real journalists were still at work uncovering what to me was the biggest scoop of the year."

And our original question stills stands: even if C News wanted to play catch-up, what was the point of telling us more than 24 hours later that Dr Saith was in the welcoming party? So what? And wouldn't that have been expected since he was holding the fort in Mr Manning's absence?