Friday, August 15, 2008


We have to direct this one at Rosemarie Sant, Head of News at CNC 3.
Mrs Sant, what is preventing you from sending your star crime reporter Samuel McKnight for some voice lessons?
We have been calling for this for months, but to no avail.
Is it that you are short-staffed and cannot spare him during the week? Then by all means pay him a little extra over time and let him take those much-needed lessons on the weekend.

We listened to him report on the arrival of the Trinidad and Tobago medical students who had been evacuated from Georgia, and it was really difficult to sit through. His pronunciation is off, his voice is flat and his writing leaves much to be desired.
Come on people, we have to do better than one sentence, one soundbite for an entire two minute story! Steups!

And to top it off, the pictures did not match what was being said.
He had a long intro about the fighting and the students being evacuated, but when he was calling the names of the students, what did we see? Two huge war tanks lumbering through the streets of Georgia. Only when he got to the first soundbite (close to a minute into the story) did we see a shot of the students.

Well Samuel, until you get some voice training we'll have to put you in the same category as your colleague Otto Carrington: you have the best pronunciation of anyone in the local media.