Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here's a comment on our post on Usain Bolt.

"Well I agree with you guys that the Caribbean coverage from CMC to Joel Villafana is just screwy. We got totally screwed up.
I am still waiting on Lance Whittaker and his Co Commentator to tell us that Richard Thompson won the Silver and to further tell us how the other Caribbean athletes performed. These guys were screaming Bolt right through, and when it did not matter, they made mention of Thompson and a passing mention of the others. No mention of the athlete from the Netherlands he was not even in the race.

"I was disappointed that Bolt slowed was a classical demonstration of third world mentality. An AP report quoted Bolt as saying it was not intentional of him to start celebrating so early...stupes! He could have created a record that would have taken decades to break. Yes he was good, and I am happy six of our guys were in there, but his good could have been better. Somebody please tell Bolt the world stage is serious business and not to repeat this kind of behaviour in the was plain stupid.

"Asafa Powell and Burns were also the Caribbean was 1, 2 before in 1976 when T&T's Crawford won Gold and the Jamaican won Silver. We would of made history if it were 1, 2, 3. That's where Powell and Burns let (us) down.

"I am not at all pleased. This was their time and they blew it. I hope our upcoming stars do us proud in the 2012 Olympics.
Athletics is hard work; Bolt is not likely to run this fast in an Olympic again, but he is free to defy the odds."