Monday, August 4, 2008


Here's another addition to the debate.

""Trini" I respect your posts, and I take your point about those that have been in the Industry for sometime being paid well, but they really have to be judged from within the News Rooms and not from those of us looking on. Granted some of the names you have called have proven themselves to be in the $30,000 a month category as highly paid reporters and I speak of print magnates like Gail Alexander, Ria Taitt, Anthony Wilson, Sandra Chouthi, Richard Lord and Francis Joseph in that order.

"I put Gail first because she has a reputation for not asking questions on assignments and still put out the best story the next day...while Ria does what a true journalist is suppose to do and ask the questions openly, I think Gail has a gift there that no one else has mastered and no one else should because the Q&A part of a media briefing or conference is essential. But I still say hats off to Gail. She's special in her own way. I think her kind comes along every 20 years.

"If you are resentful at the salary range of $6,000 - $10,000 monthly...there are some of the names you mention here that are in fact way above that...they are Curtis Williams, Roger Sant, Rosemarie Sant, Sampson Nanton and Francis Joseph...and if you ask me Gail, Ria and Anthony should still be getting more than them, dem gyurl an dem hot...and so are Anthony and Richard...excuse the dialect.

""Trini" are you sure Richard Charan has made ten years in this business already? He has surely developed a good foundation for himself and has paid his dues and that I admire.

"Robert Alonzo is a gem and deserves a good take home pay.
Sean Nero is silent at the task, just like other names you've left out here that are deserving of the hefty sum. but I understand you were just drawing a reference.

"Samuel McKnight is a good example of someone who's been around for a long time but has not grown enough to be on the high pay plan. But experience is a hell of a thing and he must be able to guide a rookie with what he has learnt in what he does best --- crime. His pay should be at least $12,000 monthly, but not in the league with the names mentioned above, he lacks intellectual might.

"As for the other names you mentioned, I agree they should be paid better. Lara Pickford Gordon, and Jada Loutoo should be right up there too...their's should be at least $20,000 monthly.
Sean Douglas has lost some stripes for voicing his opinion at media briefings and media conferences, he needs to stop doing this nonsense and act like a journalist. I am not sure what he deserves. Maybe $15,000 monthly...but he needs to get back on track."