Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here's another comment on Andy Johnson's trip.

"Well Dominic Kallipersad (of TV6) interviewed Andy Johnson who is in Denver on behalf of the CCN group I take it, and posed to him several questions pertinent to the Caribbean.

"So Dominic, how would Andy know what Hillary or Obama would have done for the Caribbean if he did not speak to either of them?

"From the questions you posed, it was clear you were trying to justify sending Andy off to the great US of A, but it so ends up the both of you were just 'vooping'.

"Poor Andy, it was not his fault, but the experience is good for him, however in his response to the questions, he did not say anything that we would not have already read or heard about in the international media. Tough luck on that one Andy.

"Dominic knows too well a reporter is only as good as his or her last story, next time pretend your phone is not working and just return with your informed articles and do not let Dominic set you up like that again Andy. TV6 stop 'vooping' and think through what you're doing.

"And oh, what were the main points coming out of this year's Carifesta in Guyana Dominic? What was different about it this year as compared to the rage of controversy and disorganisation that plagued it in T&T last year? Were there any comparisons to the event and the performance of the Caribbean Athletes in the Beijing Olympics that you think could have augured well for the peoples of the Region and more so viewers to TV6?
It may be just words to you Dominic, but please do not deprive our children of the things that should be of interest to them."